You Know You Love Me, XoXo Gossip Girl

  New York Time
Lets take it back to the beginning. When our favorite Manhattan Elites where just Freshman and Sophomores spending their days in the halls of Constance Billiard for girls, and Saint Judes for boys. A much simpler time in the life of our elites…but that doesn’t mean it’s easier. It was before Serena and Nate slept together, even before Chuck and Blair. Before Jenny Humphrey was queen B wanna be, before Serena even knew who Dan was, before Blair and Nate broke up, before Serena left, BEFORE IT ALL! There is still the gossip, the rumors, the scandals, the power battles. And this year, is the year the mysterious Gossip Girl Opened her/his website…and that’s me bitches. You know you love me xoxo, Gossip Girl

Open Girls 

Vanessa Abrams|15|Home Schooled|OPEN

Vanessa Abrams is a young, beautiful artist who remains an outcast among a cluster of New York’s most elite, wealthy teens. Her best friend is Dan Humphrey, who is from a similar middle-class background. She works at a coffee shop in Brooklyn

Georgina Sparks|15|Constance Billiard|OPEN

Georgina Sparks is a slut, bitch, and party girl with fellow elite Serena van der Woodsen. Although her and Serena are friends, she doesn’t get along with Serenas BFF, Blair Waldorf

Dorota Kishlovsky|The Waldorf’s Maid|OPEN 

The Waldorf’s Polish housekeeper and who cares deeply for Blair. Despite often snapping at her numerous times, Blair sees her as a stand in mother figure. Dorota is actually a Polish countess with a secret husband, Stanisław. She fled to America to flee her family and began working for the Waldorf family in 2004. She eventually divorces her husband.

Nelly Yuki|15|Constance Billiard|OPEN

Nelly is Blair’s academic rival: she’s a Merit Scholar, a Peabody Scholar, and an Intel Science Talent Search Finalist. Itzhak Perlman gave her her first violin, and her parents own half of Tribeca.  Although she is Blair’s academic competition, she is a minion of Blair’s.

Hazel Williams|15|Constance Billiard|OPEN

Hazel Williams is one of the minions but is always seen to be on the fringes, she is the lowest in the social order that is created by Blair and her group. She is always left with the bad jobs to do.

Kati Farkas|15|Constance Billiard|OPEN

Kati Farkas is a minion of Blair’s. She is best friends with Isabel Coates and the two always match and are always together. 

Isabel Coates|15|Constance Billiard|OPEN

Isabel is one of the minions at Constance Billard, she is one of Blairs most loyal sidekicks and was best friends with Kati to the point of wearing matching outfits on a day-to-day basis. Isabel is from a very wealthy family on the Upper East Side. She would never be caught wearing the same thing twice

Penelope Shafai|15|Constance Billiard|OPEN

Penelope is a member of the minions. She constantly shifts her allegiance between Blair and Serena. She makes no secret of her crush on Nate Archibald, causing Blair to be hard on her.

Olivia Burke|15|Constance Billiard|OPEN

Olivia Burke comes from a family of actors and actresses. She plans to follow in their footsteps, but for now, she’s attending Constance Billiard. She’s good friends with Vanessa Abrams and Blair always tries to get Olivia to be a minion, but she refuses to be a bitch to people.

Eleanor Waldorf|Adult|Fashion Designer|OPEN

Eleanor is the mother of Blair. She is a famous fashion designer who strives for perfection. She pushes her daughter to be perfect and more like Serena, which caused Blair to develop bulimia. Eleanor was married to Blair’s father, Harold, but he ran away and nobody knows where he is.

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